Esea Accounts for Sale

If you are now reading this article, it means you want to join Esea community, where lots of players find friends, win really cool benefits, play matches and know that every deed is protected by Anti-Cheat.

Would you like to know more about the purchasing process and various options for subscribing?

Variants of buying

Some sites have special application like, for example, Steam. And there may be two payment options. Talking about above-mentioned Steam, it`s necessary to say, that the price of the purchases vary contingent on the country you are playing from.

Pay attention, that one can`t subscribe to Esea in case he has a VAC banned account. It`s impossible to transfer ESEA Premium between Esea accounts, that`s why it`s important to buy Premium for the account, which will definitely be used (that means, you can`t purchase it for your friend etc).

The first variant implies one-time payment. You are billed for one month. And you receive several Esea points beside your premium. So you don`t have to pay again when your premium expires.
The second variant is much cheaper. Thanks to it you can buy one or several months simultaneously. The longer your subscription is – the less money you spend on it.

By the way, old subscribers choose this variant because it automatically charges you before the premium account expires. Thus a perfect work without interruptions is guaranteed.

You can also save a significant sum of money if to play for a couple of months in comparison with buying each month separately. Automatical payment can be cancelled any time, and ESEA Premium will be valid until the paid time finishes.

So, as you see, it`s very convenient to use such an option. Esea accounts for sale with good history are very popular today, and everyone can buy them for moderate prices. You may also try, but don`t forget that it is really addictive!